Upgrade that Increase Worth of Pakistan furniture In International Market

furniture industry in pakistan

Mian Kashif Ashfaq, Chairman of Pakistan Furniture Council addresses the “Pakistan Furniture Export 2020” seminar that for the protection and the growth of furniture we need a better policy to turn this industry accurately. Our focus must be on the uniqueness of the furniture product, quality, and price also. Currently, we are in a position that we can’t compete with the Chinese Furniture Market because of the quality, their price, and their trained labor. The Chines Government provide them institute for training purpose and provide high tech machinery for a quality product.

He added, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan poised that he should provide possible support for this industry, the furniture industry turns into strength and should able to compete with other countries.

Kashif also said we need high tech machines and skilled labor for the growth of export in International and increase share in the global market, and this could be done by financial support.

Pakistan furniture industry has the potential to groom in industry. We have six hubs in furniture, are Karachi, Gujrat, Peshawar, Chiniote, Lahore, and Sargodha. We need them to upgrade their heavy machinery and training institutes and should also turn other cities into hubs in furniture aspects, by doing this furniture industry may take apart for the betterment of the economy.

Mian Kashif Ashfaq also said FIEDMC will establish Techincal University in the Economic zone of Punjab with the cooperation of the Chinese Tianjin University and Fauji Foundation. And also TEVTA will start four courses in this university for the development furniture industry.

To boost export and foreign investment, FIEDMC will also develop a furniture city for support of Small and Medium Enterprises to take apart in strengthening the economy.

According to Report in 2017, Pakistan exported worth of furniture is almost $4.50 million and in the year 2018 the exported worth is decreased 14.2 % which is $3.86 million, it’s not a good sign for Pakistan furniture Industry. So we have to focus on more production and high tech machinery that will increase our worth in International shares.