FIEDMC is setting up Shop for China in Faisalabad to move on


Mian Khasif, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Chen One, Pakistan Fashion Textile Brand and chairman of Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development Management Company (FIEDMC) kick start the New Year side by side with Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan for the collaboration of Allama Iqbal Industrial City in Faisalabad claiming about the industrial estate being created by the Punjab government will run almost about 1.5 billion dollars investments to Pakistan.

Imagine how reliable it as claimed as choppy waters, Main Khasif with his Chenab Group often drowned in many disastrous situations that bring defaulters in major industries in Pakistan. But with coordination with FIEDMC, Main Khasif seems to be doing something Different for the Benefit of industry.

FIEDMC is the desired project for many analysts because of fancy Buzzwords appreciated by everyone. Aiming to attract investment, build industry for supporting export from Pakistan, and if these uplifting doesn’t get enough terms than industrial city mega planned project will be shadowed by the umbrella of CPEC. But there are many industrial zones which build themselves to shine for flourishing yet ended up being ghost towns.

Main Khasif while not being on the interview said we are totally committed to achieving planned and rapid industrialization through the development in world-class of industrial estates which satisfy the needs of our business and so as our customers, he was also seen making jokes and laughing with Imran khan Prime Minister of Pakistan in the recent inauguration in January. But during his interview switch flipped and he was sober.

FIECMC tracts the land to include 12 Pakistani and 4 Chinese companies, which don’t bode well for the foreign direct investment, but according to Mian Khasif, it’s good beginning which makes him seen little excited about the project.