Furniture Industry in Pakistan

furniture industry in pakistan

Pakistan had made the decision to take steps towards success. In Islamabad, on Friday Muhammad Ahmed the President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and industry lean on the Government that to boost up the furniture export in the International market by organizing the furniture manufacturing house in Islamabad and in main cities of Pakistan such as Chinote, Lahore, and Karachi.  This idea could positively impact on economy and stability of Pakistan which could support the development of the country

Muhammad Ahmed also said in the interview Pakistan is one of the best countries which had a large number of potential to promote furniture trade and export in the International market for excellent growth, the government should resolve the main or key issue of the furniture industry.

Taj Muhammad Ahmed Waheed the president of All Pakistan Furniture Association said that Pakistan has a bit amount of shares in Global furniture market but Global market was of billions of dollars and also pressurized that government should develop furniture town and furniture manufacture house in all over Country that promotes the trade and boosts export of furniture. He further said that ICCI and furniture Association collaborate with each other in the future to resolving the key issues for the furniture industry.

Sheikh Javed Iqbal, president of Furniture Association said that their furniture market was in Islamabad and our problem increase rapidly daily because of Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) trying to owe their market. He also said in the market there are a large number of street lights were installed but failed to provide a connection to them due to this, theft crime increasing rapidly at night.

He said the Government should take steps to control these issues and also pass the bill from parliament on rent control act and resolve the tax issue of small traders.

The president of All Pakistan Furniture Association, Taj Muhammad  Ahmed Waheed said that After Textile the Furniture is one the largest industry in Pakistan,  but we are facing a large number of problems in manufacturing due to: Electricity, Gas, and Tax.

He lean on the Government to assign a discrete place for furniture in different major cites just like a pattern of Chiniot that will definitely grow this industry in local and In International Market. For the growth of the furniture industry, the Government should provide them the high-tech machinery and also organize more training centers for preparing more skilled workers.