Demands of Pakistan Furniture Industry to help increase its Exports

furniture industry in pakistan

The industry of Pakistan Furniture wants to get the upgrade in its machinery to protect the furniture sector crisis, so the industry could get the growth in a positive way because at the current moment Pakistan Furniture Industry cannot compete with Chinese market because of their budget management, which could only be done by having the facility of upgraded furniture could result in more production and increase skilled labors which could be a win-win situation to increase the export of furniture and getting support for the country conformed by the authorities to strengthen the furniture sector by providing financial support for training skill could also help once the mechanism for the industry is upgraded. 

Pakistan holds 6 hubs of furniture production namely Lahore, Chiniot, Gujrat, Sargodha, Peshawar, and Karachi. Out of these hubs Gujrat, Chiniot, and Peshawar are known for using the best carving technique in woodwork form unique patterns also elegant designs formed product due to this furniture of Pakistan stand out all over the world. Which lead it to the worth of 3.858 million export from it 184,000 units containing different furniture products in 2017-18 reported by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. Pakistan also imports millions of office furniture every year from china which makes it as a trading partner of China and due to being ally China and Pakistan has decided to build one Chinese based furniture factory in Pakistan at FIEDMC over 150 acres of land in Allama Iqbal Industrial city where support for small or medium-sized enterprises to compete with the standards of the international market and for the good boost of exports which could be helpful attracting foreign investment for strengthening the economy of Pakistan and killing the crisis faced with everyday challenges and making the country known for the hub of Furniture in international markets.