Covid-19 Affect Furniture industry:

Imported Office Furniture

Due to Covid-19, the growth rate of furniture industry has meet a declined, where as a whole furniture market has been shut down due to safety from pandemic CovidT-19. a pandemic caused a lot of damage to the industry.

Many People are trying to get back on track using online platform for the stability of their business.

 That’s why the sale of furniture for home increasing rapidly.  Due to pandemic, some of the furniture retailers closed their stores, some starts focusing on online to increase in sales, and some start to show up stores in a virtual way such as to introduce to online showrooms, allow customers to see the items, examine them which they want, due to lack of opportunity for visiting physically. Because of shutdown all furniture retailers prefer to work from home to sell furniture online. Almost a 3.6% CAGR increase in a pandemic situation.

When we talk about online furniture stores, such as Amazon, Target, World Market, Way fair, daraz and EBay, many online furniture sellers made huge profits by using these platforms and some even introduced their own website in the early stage of the pandemic because people started to work from home instead of office, so the demand of office furniture has increased many employees are working from home require office setup type environment at home place.

Last month demands of outdoor furniture and amusement items increased, because people are looking forward to enjoy their summer vacation at home. According to report the market of outdoor furniture increase in 2020, the growth rate is almost USD8.2 billion at 5% CAGR. This report provides the global market value, market size, trends and growth, market environment. The report is prepared by the help of key market player.

List of top player of outdoor furniture market:

  • Berkshire Hathaway Inc
  • Brown Jordan Inc
  • Herman Miller Inc
  • Inter IKEA Systems BV
  • Lowe’s Companies Inc
  • Williams-Sonoma
  • Ashley Furniture Industries
  • Barbeques Galore
  • Century Furniture LLC
  • Home Depot Product Authority LLC