Google Took a Step Further For its Employees to Make Them Safe and Healthy:

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Chair Pakistan provides you the interesting news about Google Employees, from the Mountain View. Good news for the Google employees, the furniture retailers decide to offer some inducement for shopping for furniture. Almost $1000 given to every employee to purchase quality office furniture, such as office chairs, office tables, to maintain their workstation at home. Google almost has 11500 employs worldwide. So it’s a large inducement for Google employees.

Said by Sundar Pichai  Google CEO, 1000$ allowance given to our employees that in large numbers so that they could manage their work station at home due to outbreak pandemic Covid-19, and we decide more as much we can maintain a setup to work from home. we don’t want to stop our work and its productivity because of an uncomfortable environment. So, we decide to make a comfortable environment at home to make employees easy to work.

Sundar Pichai further said we decided to reopen company building in July. 10% of employees join the workplace. By maintaining some safety measures aspects, such as social distance in the workplace and sanitization in the office to make people healthy and safe. Google decided to follow the guideline, That could protect employees from Coronavirus Covid-19. Do The rejoining of further employees should be at the end of September, The decision should be taken according to Covid-19 situation.  We continuously read data and feedback that are collected in this situation from the employees. We are sure employees took a better step on how they want to work in the future due to Covid-19. The world can be changed after this virus finally gets defeated by the way of working and living status of people. Because nowadays everyone wants to be safe from pandemic Covid-19.